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Welcome to my blog! My name is Ann Helen and I’ve been a book blogger since 2010. I am not an English speaker, though, and this is my first blog written in English.

19402118_10155224490190801_3132907899928816852_oI read mostly literary fiction, but I get a fair bit of variety by also reading comedic novels, classics, YA-novels, sci-fi, fantasy and the occasional crime novel. Escapist fiction for me is The Blandings novels by P.G. Wodehouse. Give me a beautiful castle in rural England, at least one impostor and a fat prize winning pig and I’m happy.

This blog will document my reading and will feature reviews, monthly status updates, random thoughts on books and whatever else I feel like writing about. It’s likely that my dogs will make an appearance at some point, since there is usually at least one dog on my lap when I read.





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